Why Outsource Public Relations?

In the current economic roller coaster ride, "business as usual" means riding out tough times, and moving forward while reducing (or at least containing) costs.

One of the first areas that tend to be reduced is the marketing communications (marcom) staff, but there's still lots of work that needs to get done. If you're trying to maintain/establish a market presence, public relations and other marketing communications (marcom) services are essential to creating awareness, connecting with customers, building brands, and driving sales.

An outsourcing plan can often meet marcom needs without costly, long-term commitments to inflated PR firm rates or needless overhead. Outsourcing marcom functions enable companies from startups to Fortune 100 companies to get the job done without expanding the employee roster and adding to personnel costs.

You can eliminate traditional agency inefficiencies by outsourcing what is needed - when it's needed, without paying for unused services. No retainers, no long-term contracts, no fat. Pay for results instead of the view from the agency's lobby.

Beware of someone just taking on project work until a job offer comes along, or you risk work being stopped right in the middle of your project.

Marcom Outsource provides a full range of marketing communications services on a project or hourly basis. Work is performed exclusively by senior practitioners. We've been around long enough to know how to tell your story in lean times and in prosperous times. We understand the global economy because we've been around the block.

We can scale up or down to meet your needs without needless waste and markup, and without skimping on the expertise, skills, tools, and resources need to produce results without a long ramp-up.

Unlike recently laid off practitioners desperately trying to make a living as freelancers, we won't disappear as soon as the first job offer comes along. You'll be pleased with our business and life experience, while your budget will find us quite competitive.

Marketing Communications and Public Relations Strategies for Today's Economy
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