Our Clients


MobileWise is creating the first safe wire-free electric power technology, solving the "Last Wire Problem" - the need to regularly plug a mobile computing device to a power source. Via TechMarcom, we serves as agency of record, providing strategic PR counsel, crafting key messages, and providing media and analyst relations for MobileWise.

Institute for Digital Forensic Studies

Digital security and preventing cyber-terrorism grow in importance, and Marcom Outsource helps the experts communicate. We counseled the launch of the Institute for Digital Forensic Studies, a digital forensics and investigation think tank in Alpharetta, GA and Auburn Hills, MI.

Simplex-Grinnell (a Tyco company)

Marcom Outsource researched and wrote a white paper for Tyco International (TYC - NYSE) on the use of speech intelligibility to help make buildings safer and emergency instructions audible and comprehensible. By interviewing industry experts, customers, regulators, and company personnel, the paper helped solidify the SimplexGrinnell division’s status as the industry leader in fire safety. The paper appeared as an article in the Summer 2003 edition of NEC Digest, the official publication of the National Fire Protection Association


Companies are looking for cost-efficient and safe alternatives to business travel. Netspoke provides businesses with virtual meeting solutions, such as reservationless teleconferencing and Web conferencing. Marcom Outsource provides PR counsel, media and analyst relations, developed marketing communications materials, and has ghost-written and placed byline articles for Netspoke.

National Mail Order Association

Headquartered in Minneapolis, the National Mail Order Association (NMOA) is a membership-supported organization founded in 1972 to help small to midsize businesses and entrepreneurs involved in mail order marketing. NMOA provides education, information, and business contacts worldwide. Marcom Outsource provided PR counsel to NMOA for the launch of their “Made in America Hot Products Contest.”

Smiles By Design

Marcom Outsource provided PR and marketing communications counsel for the grand opening of Smiles By Design (www.smilesbydesign.info), an upscale, state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry practice in Lexington, MA. Services included media planning, strategic messaging, copywriting, and helping the practice select a direct mail vendor and graphic artist.

Perle Systems

Perle Systems is a developer, manufacturer and vendor of award-winning networking products. These products are used to connect remote users reliably and securely to central servers for a wide variety of e-business and general business applications. Perle specializes in Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity applications, with an increasing focus on mid-size IP routing solutions. Product lines include routers, remote access servers, serial servers, multi-port serial cards and network controllers. TechMarcom is doing project work for Perle, including press releases and case studies.

Geeps, Inc.

Location-based technologies and wireless devices are transforming e-commerce into Mobile Commerce, and GeePS, Inc. lead the early charge. GeePS was the first location-sensitive Wireless Applications Service Provider (ASP) focused on helping brick-and-mortar merchants and malls acquire new customers, maximize revenue, turn inventory and enhance relationships with existing customers. TechMarcom served as the agency of record for GeePS.

Bonita Software

Our wireless/m-commerce expertise continues as we work with Bonita Software, a provider of Java-based wireless solutions and infrastructure software. Bonita products and services mobilize information and applications to any type of wireless device. Bonita's products suite Togo) Mobile Solutions is designed to deliver information and data reliability, availability, scalability and affordability to its customers, by enabling the convergence of the Internet and mobility on cell phones, pagers, PDAs, and in-vehicle communication systems. Bonita is headquartered in San Francisco, with technical offices near Research Triangle Park.

Adlex, Inc.

Headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts, Adlex provides "all-in-one" performance management appliances that monitor actual traffic to determine response times experienced by individual users of applications using Internet, WAN or VPN networks. Adlex empowers enterprises and Service Providers to measure and monitor actual response time performance at the user level for rapid problem resolution, while reducing the use of valuable engineering resources. Its real-time functionality can be effectively used by Help Desk or Network Operations Center personnel.


iWant.com is a direct response advertising infrastructure provider serving the needs of marketers, Web publishers and consumers. iWant.com provides the revenue generating Instant Opt-In technology to Web publishers, while giving online marketers access to the most powerful direct marketing tool available. The iWant.com team is also committed to helping consumers find the best available offers on only the products and services they want, and only when they want them; And, to do it all in complete privacy.


PTC (NASDAQ: PMTC) is one of the world's largest software companies, specializing in collaborative product commerce solutions that help discrete manufacturers streamline product development. PTC software addresses all areas of the product lifecycle from product planning and engineering to service and retirement. The company selected TechMarcom to provide vertical media relations support for their in-house PR team and supplement their outside agency.

Bloodhound Software

Bloodhound Software is an applications service provider (ASP) focused on protecting clients from claims overpayment due to duplicate claims and other errors. Its clients include health insurers, MCOs, IPAs and other at risk healthcare organizations. Bloodhound's ClaimsGuard (SM) Overpayment Protection Service can be used by all payors, large and small, to supplement their claims processing systems.

Angstrom Microsystems

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Angstrom Microsystems provides high-performance, customized servers, and hardware solutions developed to meet the specific requirements of Internet-driven companies. What makes Angstrom unique is that its solutions completely eliminate expensive and time-consuming product integrations by providing Internet-ready turnkey servers.

All Angstrom products are pre-secured, pre-tuned, pre-configured to your custom needs. All Angstrom products run on the robust Linux OS (completely cross-platform compatible with Windows, UNIX and Mac OS). Angstrom servers are based on Intel architecture platforms for Linux, and the company offers a wide range of security, network, management, e-business, and e-commerce turnkey solutions.


New electronic signature legislation has created a demand for products and services that deliver signed documents securely, and with confirmed delivery. Omtool (NASDAQ: OMTL) has just introduced Genidocs, a confirmed messaging application for the enterprise.

Omtool has been at the forefront of electronic document delivery since 1991. It designs, develops, markets and supports open client/server software. Its solutions automate and integrate communication throughout the enterprise, providing users with an extensive, flexible feature set for transmitting and receiving documents. TechMarcom served as Omtool's PR agency for the launch of Genidocs.

The Cognos Corporation

The Cognos Corporation provides enterprises with Enterprise Business Intelligence software that helps them increase productivity and achieve competitive advantage. Working with the corporation's U.S. Headquarters in Burlington, MA, TechMarcom assisted in media relations, specializing in the development and placement of case studies and success stories.

Livineasy, Inc.

Livineasy, Inc. is a technology company targeting mature adults who are inexperienced with computers and the Internet. Their first offering is livineasy.com, an easy gateway to the Internet for mature adults who are inexperienced with computers and the Internet. The site features helpful articles and services for the age 50+ computer users. This really is a Web community where the Internet generation can send their parents.

The number of people over 50 on the Internet grew by 18.4 percent last year, making them the fastest growing Internet population. Livineasy.com, and their new offering, an easy-to-understand booklet entitled "The Livineasy Internet Guide for Newbies" both aim for the 42-44 million people aged 50+ who are interested in using the Internet, but who either just received a computer or are uncomfortable using one. Both present material in a nurturing, comfortable, and simple language. The Web site has even earned the seal of the Better Business Bureau Online.

GainsKeeper, Inc.

GainsKeeper, Inc. is a company developing sophisticated portfolio management tools and services on the Internet. Its flagship product, GainsTracker, is the first automated solution for adjusting the cost bases of investments. The company provides solutions for individuals, tax and money professionals, and financial service entities. TechMarcom helped GainsKeeper with the launch, providing marketing communications counsel and development of press kit materials.


TechMarcom helped ThingWorld.com develop white papers about their exciting new technology and marketing strategies. ThingWorld.com works with content owners to turn media into money. By partnering with ThingWorld.com, leading entertainment, sports and music companies control and distribute entertaining content that maximizes commerce, traffic, membership, and brand awareness. The ThingWorld.com Network syndicates this content to highly trafficked Web sites, allowing companies to bring entertaining content to millions of online consumers, much like network television.


The chemical distribution industry has been slow to embrace the possibilities of e-commerce, but that's about to change. TechMarcom is working with the Monson Companies and KODA Distribution Group - a holding company for four of the nation's largest chemical distributors - to help them have a first mover advantage in bringing the industry online. TechMarcom provided copy writing, marketing communications counsel, and media relations.

Tek Translation International

For 37 successful years in the translation business, Tek has concentrated on the project management of large multilingual translation projects, managing specialist in-country translators and other resources. They are the first virtual company specializing in software and document localization. When this Ireland-based company decided to tap the U.S. market, they turned to TechMarcom for copy writing services and marketing advice.


The company that brought the U-shaped bike lock to the world 28 years ago is changing the way people secure notebook computers. TechMarcom served as Kryptonite's PR agency for the launch, covering everything from media and analyst relations to trade show support and marketing communications counsel.


Monster.com (formerly The Monster Board) is the largest career hub on the Internet. We've helped them develop and write new case studies, and provided them with media relations support as they become further entrenched in the college/entry-level job marketplace.


We developed new collateral, a marketing strategy, and provided media relations for DiscJockey.com - an entire radio dial online. DiscJockey.com is a network of over 120 channels of on-demand, interactive and live music from Alternate 90's to Zydeco. DiscJockey.com offers music and advertising super-targeted at every age and lifestyle demographic.


TechMarcom was sub-contracted by Motorola's PR agency (Cunningham Communications) to write white papers and presentations on new technologies being introduced by Motorola. Click here to download a MS Word version of a white paper about Telematics. 


TechMarcom worked with SoftLock.com, to re-write their Web site content, and creating new collateral. SoftLock.com (OTCBB: SLCK) is the e-commerce leader in enabling secure merchandising of valuable digital goods and documents such as reports, studies, and research via the Internet. SoftLock.com's Merchandising Network is a turnkey, easy-to-customize solution enabling digital content owners and e-commerce portals to securely sell proprietary and copyrighted documents online. SoftLock.com tracks and remits payments to all parties, provides reports, auditing, and customer service.


Through their PR agency of record (Copithorne & Bellows - San Francisco), TechMarcom has written several press releases announcing new partnerships and international expansion.

NatWest Bank and InterTrust

Sub-contracted through the agency-of-record, TechMarcom served as provider of U.S. media relations for the launch of Magex, an e-commerce initiative that provides effective online copyright protection and simplifies micropayments for digital products. Magex enables companies to protect valuable digital goods such as music, books, games, and business reports, sold over the Internet.